Meet the Team

We are a group of passionate, young professionals who are committed to creating a world where all young people have the self-belief, freedom and ability to create a positive future for and with each other. We work hard. We play hard.

Together, we make our mark and empower others to make theirs.

Natasha with frame

Natasha Asbury

Chief Programs Officer

Experience in therapeutic counselling, facilitation, programmatic design, curriculum development monitoring and evaluation. Joined enke in 2013, developing all M&E frameworks and systems, later appointed Chief Programs Officer. Degrees in Psychological Studies of Social Work and Clinical Practice in Social Work from the University of Cape Town.  Board member of Volunteer Afrika, and the Young Professionals' League. Natasha is a human rights activist in her community, is involved in refugee and forced migrant rights programs, and sexual gender based violence awareness. Music and anime fanatic

Rufaro Profile Pic Graffiti

Rufaro Mudimu

Chief Executive Officer

Experience in communications, fundraising, program development, and facilitation. Joined enke in 2012 as a Communications Intern, later became Programs Manager and headed programs before being appointed CEO in 2015. Rufaro holds a MM in Public & Development Management from the University of the Witwatersrand, Social Entrepreneurship Certificate, GIBS (University of Pretoria) and BA (Hons) International Development Studies & Communications Studies and Certificate in Non-Profit Management from York University, Canada. Media/News enthusiast, Movie fanatic, pan-Africanist.

Freddy photo

Freddy Tinashe Makuwa

Head of Operations

Experience in operations management and financial accounting. Joined enke in 2017 as Finance and Administration Manager. BA Accounting Degree from Africa University. A lover of cooking, reading, travel and sports. This thinker and strategist may have watched too much of his favourite feature the Godfather, but it is to our advantage: he holds steadfast that, “limits, like fear, are often an illusion.” He frequently makes offers one cannot refuse too. Freddy wishes he could add the power of mind control to his list of abilities. He thinks this would make him unstoppable. We tend to agree.

Prudence Profile Pic

Prudence Erens

Program Manager

Experience in project management, youth advocacy and community development. Prudy is passionate about youth development having worked and volunteered in the sector for the last 5 years. Joined enke in March 2018 and is excited to be part of a youth-led organization, making waves all over the country. Prudy love people and caring for them, reflected in her desired superpower to heal and ease the pain of all people suffering.  Her favourite quote: “the mind is everything. What you think, you become..” (Buddha)


Ngata Holele

Program Coordinator

Experience in education, project design and management. Joined enke in 2017 as Program Coordinator. Holds a BAdmin Public Management & Honours from the University of Pretoria. Ngata is the meeting point between creativity and intellect. She believes that one should, "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." In line with this, she wishes she was a telepath so she could throw away her phone and communicate more directly with program participants.

Zamagela Magoso Profile Pic

Zamagela Magoso

Program Coordinator

Experience in program management and coordination, fundraising and counselling. Joined enke in March 2018. Certified Victim empowerment worker as well as HIV/AIDS counsellor. Loves music, movies (Horror and thrillers to be exact) her daughter and baking. Originally from Durban and having worked in the NGO sector for the past 14 years Zama believes that kindness heals and that if she had one super power, it would be the power to read minds, so that she could understand people a little better.


Zamokuhle (Zam) Dlamini

Office Coordinator

Experience in Sales, Management and Finance. Joined enke in 2017 as Office Coordinator. National diploma in Management Services, Certificate in Time & Motion studies, Practical Accounting & Book Keeping from the University of South Africa(Current). Cheery, sociable Zam is everyones  friend and support. She wishes she had the power to make unlimited wishes. This way she would be able to solve all of societies problems and make herself and her peeps all the more comfortable while doing it.

Londiwe bio pic 1

Londiwe (Londz) Khuzwayo

Biz Dev. & Training Coordinator

Experience in project management & coordination, capacity building, and administration. Joined enke in 2017 as Business Development & Training Coordinator. Holds a BA with triple major in Psychology, International Relations and Politics from the University of the Witwatersrand. Practical, precise and efficient, Her favourite quote, “No” by Rosa parks speaks to this. When she says no, she means it. Londiwe wishes she had the power to mute the words people say that cause more harm than good. 


Ndumiso (So) Caba

Youth Liaison

Experience in project management and coordination. He joined enke as a Youth Liaison in 2017. Holder of a Community Development Certificate from the University Of the Witwatersrand. Ndumiso, endorses the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson that “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” It is unclear if Ndumiso had his aspired superpower of telepathy that it would make a difference, since he is already a master of communication


Katlego (Katz) Robyn Llale

Trailblazer Support Team Intern

Experience in editing and web development. Joined enke in 2016 as a Catalyst, later becoming an Igniter and then a TST Intern in 2017. Currently completing her BSocSci in English, Sociology and Gender. A modern Holmes with a need to expose the underbelly of the criminal world, she would choose the power of invisibility so she could sneak around like a ninja and expose that deceit. No challenge is too great for Katlego as she agrees with Eleanor Roosevelt that one should “do the things you cannot do”


Tidimalo (Tidi) Moeketsi

Trailblazer Support Team Intern

Experience in ecclesiastics, planning, mentoring, admin. Joined enke in 2015 as a Trailblazer, continuing her involvement as an Ignitor and now as Trailblazer Support Intern. Certificate of recognition from the Anglican Bishop of Johannesburg as the treasurer for the Johannesburg Children’s ministry and serving on the committee, Level 4 Piano, Level 6 Singing, currently reading towards a finance degree from Monash University. Tidi is a ray of sunshine not easily blocked out. Her ability to raise ones spirits from even the darkest of places is amazing.

Board of Directors

enke: Make Your Mark is governed by a Board of Directors that oversees the strategy and activities of the organisation’s management to ensure that a transparent system of governance is implemented.


Laureen Rwatirera

Chairperson of the enke Board. Global Head of Learning, Naspers.

Expertise in Organisational Development, HR, Strategy and Leadership.

Chrischar Rock Profile Pic

Chrischar Rock

Research, Monitoring & Education Consultant. Expertise in education, monitoring & evaluation, curriculum development, and civil society.

Lungile Mahluza Profile Pic

Lungile Mahluza

Director, Strategy Unit at Deloitte Africa. Expertise in Information Technology, business model design, corporate governance, organisation design and implementation, project management and strategic change management.

C Wayne Moodaley

Wayne Moodaley


Oxford MBA, CA(SA). Expertise in financial reporting, strategy, banking and executive education.

Pip Wheaton Profile Pic

Pip Wheaton (Advisor)

Director of Ashoka UK. 

Co-Founder, enke: Make Your Mark. Skoll Scholar, Ashoka Fellow. Expertise in Fundraising, Strategy and Leadership.

Graeme De Bruyn Profile Picture

Graeme De Bruyn (Advisor)

CEO, The Influence Company. Expertise in education, training and development, strategy, programme design and facilitation.