For all young people to realise their value, thrive and mobilise for meaningful change​


enke generates & incubates youth-led social impact & enterprise.

enke means “ink” in SeTswana and “take it” in SeSotho. That’s what we’re about – empowering youth to be authors of their futures by taking opportunities to change their lives and communities (making their mark). 

We seek to reverse negative trends affecting youth by building from their inherent assets, developing entrepreneurial mindsets and non-cognitive (soft) skills gearing them towards social responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our leadership development and social action programs provide young people (15-35 years old) with the theoretical and practical skills to overcome the challenges they face, enabling them to become effective leaders – people who have the desire and ability to identify and access opportunities to build a positive future.

Vision: a world that is an enabling environment for all young people to recognise their own value, thrive, and mobilise for meaningful change.



We connect people across diversity and the socio-economic spectrum, creating valuable networks, social capital and building social cohesion


We equip with an entrepreneurial mindset and social-emotional skills - real-world skills that unlock opportunities for future success


We inspire a bias towards action, to achieve personal, professional, national and global development aspirations


We believe that all young people are Africa’s greatest resource for addressing the world’s social and economic challenges.

Young people are solution creators, leaders of change and innovation. In particular, youth are uniquely placed to innovate for social change and economic transformation.


… too many young people do not live in the environments, and/or lack the platform, resources and support to realise their full value as capable citizens. 

The expression of this is negative trends affecting youth:

7+ million

youth in South Africa are not in education, employment or training (NEET)


youth unemployment rate in South Africa


of youth in Sub-Saharan Africa live on less than $2 per day


of South African youth do not have direct access to people that can help them find work or other opportunities

We see the individuals behind the stats & give youth a chance to be the solution to the challenges they face in life & in their community.
We want all youth to have the networks, entrepreneurial skills & inspiration to realise their value and thrive.


We run programs and services to empower and support young people to create meaningful change on the issues they care about most, whilst simultaneously developing their own skills. 


This is our flagship leadership program for Grade 10 and 11 learners. It is a 9-month experience in social action and community leadership where learners are trained, inspired and supported to create real change in their communities.


A volunteer program for post-secondary youth where participants are connected to a diverse, active network, equipped with skills and experience that increase employability and work-readiness, and inspired towards entrepreneurship


A game-changing program for unemployed youth and is a 6-month experience in social enterprise and guided coaching for professional development to increase the likelihood of conversion to employment, enterprise, education or training.


We build and deliver customised training and other solutions for schools, companies and organisations. Our specialities are strategic facilitation, skills training, project management and curriculum development.


Developing young people with  the desire and ability to identify, access and place themselves in opportunities to build a more positive future for themselves and others. 


people trained since 2009


social impact & enterprise projects started by enke program participants


youth in Catalyst Program place themselves in Employment, Enterprise, Education or Training.


average project implementation rate or Trailblazer & Catalyst Program participants

enke has shown me that young people are capable of achieving amazing things right now. Not "in the future" - but right now.
Kiara Ramklass
Founder & CEO, Marimba Jam


Join us in creating lasting change and skills development for youth in Africa

About enke

enke is a leadership development organisation that generates and incubates youth-led social change. We connect, equip and inspire youth to realise their potential, thrive and mobilise for meaningful change. 

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  • – Dept. of Social Development Reg.: NPO 132-509
  • – SARS Public Benefit Org. Reg.: 9300/37429


Partner with us in creating opportunities for youth to find and succeed in their chosen life pathways.

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