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Over 6 million youth in South Africa are not in education, employment or training. We’re working to change that.

Let’s create a better narrative for youth.


Trailblazer Program Applications Now Open!

2018 enke: Trailblazer Program Summer Intake

The enke: Trailblazer Program Summer Intake launches this December 2018. The Program is open to all Grade 10 and 11 high school learners.

Celebrating Youth-Led Change

Young people in our programs design, implement and lead real social impact and enterprise projects that change communities. Read our youth Stories of Change....

enke: Make Your Mark (enke) incubates youth-led social impact projects, developing the skills of youth to increase their effectiveness as leaders and ability to contribute to a positive future. We do this by connecting, equipping, and inspiring young people to implement social impact projects that tackle issues that affect their communities. This contributes to developing effective young leaders – youth who have the desire and capability to access post-school opportunities, whether that’s an internship, employment, entrepreneurship, or civic leadership.

We have been incubating youth-led social impact projects since 2009 and are specialists in capacitating youth towards social innovation, social cohesion and social responsibility. We have trained over 3,000 youth, whose projects have had a positive impact on over 69,000 people in communities across South Africa. Additionally, through the shared experience of enke’s programs, youth become part of a community of diverse youth who are autonomously working towards achieving better futures for and with each other.

Through our Programs we empower and support young people to create meaningful change on the issues they care about most, whilst simultaneously developing their own skills. We work with young people aged 15-30 years; providing training and inspiration to help them develop innovative solutions to create and achieve a positive future for themselves and their communities. Through our programs, we develop the skills that lead to future employment success and create real social impact in communities.

Picture of 2013 Trailblazer Program Cape Town

enke: Trailblazer Program

This is our flagship leadership program for Grade 10 and 11 learners. It is a 9-month experience in social action and community leadership where learners are trained, inspired and supported to create real change in their communities.

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“As part of the Ignition Program I have learnt an incredible amount of skills... I learnt the value of nurturing a dream and being a siren that makes enough noise for the world to listen." 2012-13 Ignition Program Participant

enke: Ignition Program

This is a volunteer program for post-secondary youth where participants are connected to a diverse, active network, equipped with skills and experience that increase employability and work-readiness, and inspired towards entrepreneurship.

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Siphosethu 2

enke: Catalyst Program

This a program for unemployed youth and is a 6-month experience in social enterprise and guided coaching for professional development to increase the likelihood of conversion to employment, enterprise, education or training.

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enke gives youth an opportunity to become change agents in their own communities. They encourage the youth to be entrepreneurially minded, finding solutions to problems and becoming active citizens in our country.

youth trained in enke Programs and Projects since 2009
Conversion Rate - percentage of youth who start projects after being trained in enke: Programs
Number of social impact and enterprise projects generated since 2009
people from communities across South Africa that have benefitted from youth-led social impact projects

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To empower thousands of young people entails a collaborative effort. We are looking to work with all individuals, companies, organisations and institutions that believe in making things better in our society, our communities, our country and our world.


We build and deliver customised training programs and other solutions for schools, companies and organisations. Our specialities are strategic facilitation, facilitation skills training, leadership & personal development training for graduate programs, project management, consultation on building monitoring & evaluation systems and curriculum development. All income from our specialised services goes directly into covering the administrative costs of our programs.