5 things we love about enke!

Today is Valentine’s Day and we, the enke team, thought it was a great day to share with you some of the things we absolutely LOVE about enke!

PS Don’t forget to share in the comments the things that make enke rock for YOU 🙂

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1. Our awesome participants! (past and present)

At enke we have had the AWESOME privilege of working with so many youth who have proved that young people are not apathetic and have what it takes to implement positive social change within their communities and the world-at -large.

Whether it was Bongani & Bongani sharing the joy of science by implementing the first science lab at their high school, Kiyasha who set up a vegetable garden at a local primary school or Mulisa creating awareness of the dangers of gambling within his school and community, it’s obvious that young South Africans are leaders of TODAY.

2. 1000 young South Africans *woop woop*

Since enke was founded  back in 2009 one of our goals has been to inspire, support and train 1000 young South Africans!As of yesterday, Thursday 13 February 2014, we are proud to announce that this goal has been achieved thanks to the 2014 enke: Presenters training that kicked off then.

Here’s to welcoming another 1000…make that 10 000 young change makers to the enke family over the next couple of years!


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3. We’re growing!

Not only have the number of participants on our programs grown exponentially, but the core enke team that supports each of these programs has grown too and is currently made up of 13 permanent employees and 3 part-time employees.

4. enke values 2.0

We’re mighty proud of our updated set of enke values! We definitely believe they totally capture the ethos and essence of enke’s mission in connecting, equipping and inspiring young people to take action on the social issues they are most passionate about.Let us know what you think!

1. This is not school.

2. Get your hands dirty.

3. We are there with you.

4. Truth and transparency

5. Create your own path.

6. Respect each other.

7. Make it happen – make it better

5. The Colour Red

It’s no coincidence that enke is the colour of passion and action, RED! We get to witness firsthand young people who are not only passionate about making their world a better place, but committed to implementing that change and taking action.

Don’t forget to share with us the things YOU love about enke

Have a great weekend!

enke Haka

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