About Us

enke: Make Your Mark (enke) is a leadership development organization that generates and incubates youth-led social impact projects. We focus on developing the skills of youth to increase their effectiveness as leaders and their ability to contribute to a positive future. Our name “enke” is derived from the SeTswana word for “ink,” which reflects our philosophy and work that empowers young leaders to become the authors of their futures by leading change in their communities (making their mark).

We do this by connecting, equipping, and inspiring young people to implement social impact projects that tackle issues that affect their communities. This contributes to developing effective young leaders – youth who have the desire and capability to access post-school opportunities, whether that’s an internship, employment, entrepreneurship, or civic leadership.

Our leadership development programs provide young people with theoretical and practical skills that make it possible for them to become effective leaders in their communities. We do this through leadership programs for high school youth, for post-school youth, and specialised services.

We have been incubating youth-led social impact projects since 2009 and our expertise is in capacitating youth towards social innovation, social cohesion and social responsibility.  Our goal is to equip thousands of effective young leaders through our products and services by expanding and replicating our model and partnering with other organisations to meet these targets in potential markets nationally and regionally.

our vision

A world that is an enabling environment for young people to recognise their own value, thrive and mobilise for meaningful change

our purpose

For all young people to have the self-belief, freedom and ability to create a positive future for and with each other.

our mission

  • Connect people across diversity, creating valuable networks and building understanding.
  • Equip people with social and emotional skills – real-world skills that unlock opportunities for future success.
  • Inspire a bias towards social action, increasing both personal and national development aspirations.

our values

  • This is not school
  • Get your hands dirty
  • We are there with you
  • Truth and transparency
  • Respect each other
  • Create your own path
  • Make it happen – make it better