Aviwe, Thabo & Siphelo: Sharing the gift of music

Names: Aviwe Nkani, Thabo Ngoxo & Siphelo Mvampantsi
Community Issue: Education
Hometown: Eastern Cape

These three 2013 Trailblazers are teaching young people in the Lovers Twist village of Hamburg how to play a musical instrument. As participants at the Keiskamma Music Academy they have seen the impact of music and self-expression in their lives. The group believes that many young people in the community do not see themselves as musicians or even consider that possible due to the lack of resources in their community and the fact that due to societal demands they are required to pursue other hobbies/careers that will be more lucrative. Their community action project seeks to change those perceptions and unlock the opportunities music has to offer.

Not only are they teaching 20 learners in their group how to play a musical instrument but they are seeking platforms to showcase their musical talent.

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