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The youth of our country have the ability to create change. They are standing up for what they believe in. Our vision as enke, is to create a global movement of young people who are taking action on the world’s most urgent social issues. #Education is one such issue. Young people are mobilizing and working to create the future they want to see for Education in SA.

enke has been moved and inspired and we continue to be as we see moments that are shaping the history of South Africa. enke will be sharing the thoughts, experiences and transformations, that of some of our alumni are involved in actively creating in their communities.

There is a need for teachers in South Africa and I have the privilege of reducing that need by joining the profession. It is a very rewarding job, especially when you see the impact that you have made in a child’s life. As much as I am here to teach, I have learnt many life lessons through the learners I teach and the environment in which I work. I always wanted to be in a career where I am challenged, enhanced as an individual and professionally, and I enjoy it. Teaching provides me with all this and so much more.


Many of our years are spent studying and I for one, did not believe that 13 years later I would still be in a classroom. It is of course different to being the one that is learning. The teacher and learner role is very different.

Depending on where you teach, it will determine how you teach. I believe as a teacher you should lead by example. If I am on time, prepared and show that I am equipped to teach, that message will be conveyed to the learners. They will follow the example that I lead and respect me as their teacher.

I teach in a township school and have approached teaching in this way: I teach in the way that I wish I was taught or the way in which I best learnt. I use flash cards and the chalk board. I seldom use my laptop because the class numbers are very big and there is no electricity in the classrooms. I incorporate conversations into my classes where the learners and I converse in group discussions. This helps to improve the way in which they speak as English is their third or fourth language. I also incorporate imagery into my lessons so that they can visualize what I am speaking about.

My parents were my motivators to continue studying after high school. When most people said that there is no money in teaching, my mother encouraged me to be a teacher. She would say if you are passionate about education and if it is something that is going to make you happy, then go for it.

If you are doing something you love you will never feel like you are working a day in your life. I, therefore decided to follow the path of education because I have a passion for learning, helping and interacting with the youth. I want to impart the passion I have for learning unto others. I believe that the one thing that no one can take away from you is your education. You can lose your car, home and all material things, but your education is something that will always be yours.

By: Shanitha Gounden

Shanitha Gounden


  • We need more youngsters like you shanitha to help build a south Africa with substance may you always be blessed and may all the children in this world be blessed too

  • I want to join enke .id like to be part of the youth in enke

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