For all young people to realise their value, thrive and mobilise for meaningful change​

enke generates & incubates youth-led social impact and enterprise

enke means “ink” in SeTswana and “take it” in SeSotho. That’s what we’re about – empowering youth to be authors of their futures by leading change in their lives and communities (making their mark).


We seek to reverse negative trends affecting youth by building from their inherent assets, developing entrepreneurial mindsets and non-cognitive (soft) skills gearing them towards social responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our leadership development and social action programs provide young people (15-35 years old) with the theoretical and practical skills to overcome the challenges they face, enabling them to become effective leaders – people who have the desire and ability to identify and access opportunities to build a positive future.


Vision: a world that is an enabling environment for all young people to recognise their own value, thrive, and mobilise for meaningful change.


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