Gareth, Ricky & Zane: Stewards of equal education


Names: Gareth Kieck, Ricky Hughes and Zane Weir
Community issue: Education
Hometown: Westville, KwaZulu-Natal

Gareth Kieck, Ricky Hughes and Zane Weir from Westville Boys’ High School in Durban decided to focus their Community Action Project on assisting learners from a previously disadvantaged school with their school work. They recruited thirteen of their Grade 11 peers and committed to teaching Maths, Physical Science and English to sixteen Grade 11 learners at Kwantabeni High School, on weekends. To give more value to the project they had the Kwantabeni learners, in turn, teach them isiZulu.

Their commitment to their project garnered the support of their school, Kwantabeni’s teachers and sponsors such as Pick n Pay, who provided meals for the participants of the weekend classes. Gareth, Ricky and Zane  hope that the learners they teach will in turn teach their peers in their own school, thereby paying it forward.

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