Healthy Food For All – Colleen Sadiki


When Colleen saw her close friend battling to maintain a healthy lifestyle which resulted in her being obese, it inspired her to start a small vegetable garden at the back of her home as part of her CAP. She wanted to show her friend how easy and affordable it was to live a healthy lifestyle by planting your own organic vegetables. After starting her small garden and having fresh vegetables grow, her love for agriculture grew and she decided to extend her project to include the local crèches in her community. She donated vegetables to the crèches in order to encourage a healthier eating plan for the children that attend them.

Colleen has also managed to influence the principal of Protea Glen Primary School to start a garden at the school. She will complete her CAP by arranging a teaching session on how to start a garden and also donate some seeds to jump start it. We are so proud of the work that Colleen has been able to achieve. When we asked her about how she felt about the work she has done, she replied:  “I’m so excited about what I have achieved so far. My CAP has left a legacy within the community. I was the first person to start a garden in my street, but after showing it to community members and involving unemployed parents in my project, they also now see the importance of planting your own vegies because it saves them money with added health benefits.

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