Kiyasha: Champion of sustainable development

Name: Kiyasha Padarath
Community issue: Community Development
Hometown: Johannesburg, Gauteng

On returning to Johannesburg from the 2012 Cape Town enke: Forum, Kiyasha decided that she would like to contribute to the upliftment of one of the disadvantaged communities close to where she lives. She decided to start a vegetable garden in Kya Sand to help generate income for Fundanathi Pre-Primary school.

Kiyasha said, “One of our goals is to provide a feeding scheme for the children attending the school and by setting up a vegetable garden the school will be able to gain a source of income from the selling of the remaining produce. Once the produce is grown and sold, the money will be put back into the school. The aim of this project is to create sustainable development for the school. By teaching the school how to plant and grow produce, we are teaching them to sustain themselves, as well as ensuring that the tummies of the little children are never empty.”

Thanks to the sponsorships she received from Nicolas Plants, Mica Boskruin, Airport Link, Ennies Garden Centre and Peebles Plants, as well as support from her family, friends and two teachers from Fundanathi Pre-Primary School, Kiyasha was able to make her idea a reality.

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