Maisara: Making the impossible, possible


Name: Maisara Ndayifhimiye
Community issue: Poverty
Hometown: Soweto, Gauteng

Inspired and motivated by her week-long experience at the 2012 Johannesburg enke: Forum, Maisara headed back home with a grand plan to collect food and supplies from her family, peers and community to donate to the homeless and orphanage within her communities. Her collection drive got off to a slow start with school work taking focus, as well as feeling demotivated because people told her she wouldn’t be able to achieve her community action project.

Maisara’s original goal was to raise at least 2, 000 articles of second-hand clothing, after three months of campaigning for clothes she collected a staggering 90, 000 pieces of clothing! Surpassing her target goal and overcoming her self-doubt taught Maisara that as long as YOU believe in what you are doing, don’t listen to the naysayers and keep taking action, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

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