My Future Re-Imagined through enke: Catalyst

Vusi Mhlongo: My Future Re-Imagined for Success

I had a plan for further education after Matric, but when I received my marks, I realised my plan was not going to work. I went from dreaming about becoming an engineer to having no plan at all, which was incredibly difficult for me. I felt extremely disheartened and confused about my future.

The enke: Catalyst Program has provided me with the opportunity to learn about myself and other people. It allowed me to focus on maximising my strengths, minimising my weaknesses, identifying opportunities that exist all around me, and creating solutions for the things that might break me down.

Now, I have a clearer vision for myself and my life. I know how to create business ideas that will improve my life and the lives of those around me. I am currently enrolled at WESTCOL and working towards improving my Matric marks so that I can pursue my path to further education and the future I envision for myself. The enke: Catalyst Program has helped me grow more into who I am today.

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