Our Bespoke Services

Tailored solutions to support the facilitation, program development, leadership training, monitoring and evaluation efforts of companies and organisations.

Rooted in our passion to support the youth of today to succeed, and complemented by our years of experience in working within the development sector, we provide tailored training and consulting services to meet a client’s needs. We’re experienced in supporting people from different backgrounds with equally diverse needs with our multitude of offerings ranging from full-scale project management to facilitation.

All income from our specialised services goes directly into covering the administrative costs of our programs, which ensures that the programs remain accessible and become scalable.

An additional benefit for hiring enke as a key supplier, is the multiplier of BBBEE Skills Development and Supplier Development Points, provides employment for our alumni, and contributes to our work of empowering young people to be more effective.

Bespoke Services Offered

Whether your project is a large scale production spanning multiple months or it’s your annual retreat over a weekend, enke will be able to provide project management with ease.

We’re experienced in conducting ideation, program design, and other facets to achieve the goals of your projects from A to Z.

  • – Program strategy & development
  • – Implementation assistance
  • – Communication strategy
  • – Relationship development

enke harnesses theories drawn on emotional intelligence, focused on human- centric design thinking and others competencies to provide the necessary skills for leadership development.

Our training is built upon concepts that are crucial for future leaders to drive vision, lead the team to reach objectives, and inspire action in actualizing change.

Programme flows can be customized based on your organisation’s need including:
• Introduction to leadership
• Effective communication
• Visioning exercises
• Collaboration and conflict resolution

When you put a small group of individuals together into a room, there are bound to be differing opinions and divergent goals, not to mention a lot of heat, and this is where enke thrives as we love passion!

With over 10 years of experience in facilitation, we are accustomed in working with people from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic lines.

We can help play a pivotal role by maintaining a neutral position while working to link stakeholders together and encourage engagement in order to achieve your desired outcome

The ability to monitor and evaluate the activities of any project is a vital part of the process.

This is why enke offers its debriefing capabilities to assess lessons learned and what in-sights have been gleaned for future application.

We will collaborate with you to define the objectives of the project scope and set factors that can be used for measuring impact.

Bespoke Process

Our clients have included Ikamva Youth, the FirstRand Foundation KhulaSangam Programme, University of the Witwatersrand CLEAR Project and SAY Change (new Pretoria-based youth organisation).

Youth Leadership Training

1-Day / 3-Day / 5-Day Options Available.

Youth Leadership Training

We provide leadership training that empowers and supports young people to create meaningful change on the issues they care about most, whilst simultaneously developing life skills which will enable them to become effective young leaders.



New graduates/matriculants face an uphill fight to gain adequate employment. Through years of training youth to become more effective leaders, we are able to offer a range of work readiness initiatives which will better capacitate young people to successfully obtain and retain employment.


Strategic consulting to determine facilitation needs.


With a proven track record of training capable and effective facilitators, our facilitator training is experiential and starts with self-awareness, self-regulation and then proceeds to practical techniques that will enable people to guide and coach somebody to achieve a desired outcome.

Social Responsibility & Cohesion

Social Responsibility & Cohesion

With a focus on programs that encourage social responsibility and cohesion, we create practical experience sessions, where you receive training which will empower you to influence your context through practical solutions and project implementation.

Team Building

1-Day / 3-Day / Strategic Consultation

Team Building

We understand that teams need a space where they can create the interpersonal connections necessary to facilitate improved office morale, team work and employee happiness.Example of Offering: Team Bonding, Communication Skills, Effective team functioning, Personal Development



We specialise in training, program planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Through our expertise, we have built a comprehensive consultancy which can aid your business to become more effective and prove your impact.

  • Ikamva Youth is an organisation with 40 plus employees geographically dispersed across five provinces. Enke facilitated a six day strategy session for us, which is the only time of year when we all come together. A number of us hadn’t met before, and enke’s job was to make sure we all get to know each other quickly so that we feel safe to express our views and together develop the strategy for the organisation for the year ahead. Enke always makes its mark and has the ability, in a fun and effective way, to unite any team – ours was (literally) singing and dancing to the same tune by the end of our strategy week!

    Alex Smith

    Business Development Manager, Ikamva Youth
  • Interaction with others was way beyond my expectations and I highly recommend enke to keep up on doing such trainings because from a personal perspective they TRULY help a lot.

    Letlhogonolo Lenong

    Khulasangam Programme Participant (2015)

Join us in creating lasting change and skills development for youth

About enke

enke is a leadership development organisation that generates and incubates youth-led social change. We connect, equip and inspire youth to realise their potential, thrive and mobilise for meaningful change.

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Partner with us in creating opportunities for youth to find and succeed in their chosen life pathways.

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