Signature Programs for Schools

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Signature Training Programs for Schools

Drawing from our experience in youth leadership, building diverse community, we have created Signature Training Programs that can help schools empower learners to become leaders within their schools and communities. By working with a broad range of students and demographics, with programs specifically tailored to address their unique needs on an ongoing basis throughout the year, students are given the opportunity and support required to lead initiatives for social change and inspire their peers.

Our Signature Leadership Programs include 1-day, 2-day and 3-day residential and non-residential trainings for:

  • Leadership development training
  • Team building
  • Building unity and cohesion in a class or school
  • Personal development for future success

We have taken the best of our resources, curriculum and facilitators to deliver these tailor-made solutions for schools. Our trainings are fun, and accessible for learners, using experiential (hands-on) learning methods so that all participants can gain the greatest value as individuals and for their school.

For more information about ourĀ Signature Training Programs contact Thami Masingi, via email partnership@enke.co.za or 011-403-1241.


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