Celebrating 2018 Trailblazer Impact

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Celebrating the work of our Trailblazer Class of 2018 – 335 Trailblazers from 9 provinces ran projects impacting 16.477 people in communities across SA

#TrailblazerImpact – Bongumenzi’s Creative Media Platform CAPTURE-ATP

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Bongumenzi Creates Media Platform to Celebrate Youth Bongumenzi Siluma, from Krugersdorp High School (KHS) is a storyteller at heart took part in the 2018 enke: Trailblazer Program intake in Northern Cape. The community issue that he identified was that creative learners in his school didn’t have a platform to be celebrated. Thus, Bongumenzi channeled his […]

#TrailblazerImpact – Mashadi Building Community Gardens

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Mashadi started gardening projects in her community and has now registered her own NGO to provide motivation, guidance and leadership for women in her community.

From Unemployed to Enterprising with Catalyst

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  Reflection on Catalyst Cohort 4: From Unemployed to Budding Enterpreneurs According to Statistics South Africa Q1 2018 Labour Force Report, 38.2% of youth (15-34 years old) are unemployed, with almost 7 million youth not in education, employment, and training (NEET). The numbers are scary. The solutions – such as youth employment accelerators and enterprise […]

In The News: Trailblazers in Makhanda Lead Action on Water Shortage

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Trailblazers Lead Action on Water Shortage at Mary Waters School We are very proud of our 2018 Trailblazers for leading action on the water shortage affecting their school, Mary Waters, in Makhanda, Grahamstown. The learners were introduced to enke through their participation in Ikamva Youth Joza Branch, and started their journey at the enke: Forum […]