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Through our blog we share updates of our activities at enke HQ and those of the youth we work with are up to.

Read about the experiences of youth in our programs captured from site visits and interviews with youth (past and present) in our programs.

enke: Make Your Mark is at the forefront of providing insights and solution to the issues of inequality, youth unemployment, youth entrepreneurship and youth leadership. Our work is based on the philosophy of bridging inequality and empowering young people to be entrepreneurial.

Please contact us for comments and opinions on issues related to:

  1.   –  Education
  2.   –  Social Entrepreneurship
  3.   –  Inequality in South Africa
  4.   –  Youth Leadership in South Africa
  5.   –  Youth Unemployment
  6.   –  Building Social Capital

If you are interested in interviewing a representative of enke: Make Your Mark, please contact us directly:
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About enke

enke is a leadership development organisation that generates and incubates youth-led social change. We connect, equip and inspire youth to realise their potential, thrive and mobilise for meaningful change.

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Partner with us in creating opportunities for youth to find and succeed in their chosen life pathways.

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