#TrailblazerImpact – Bongumenzi’s Creative Media Platform CAPTURE-ATP

Bongumenzi Creates Media Platform to Celebrate Youth

Bongumenzi Siluma, from Krugersdorp High School (KHS) is a storyteller at heart took part in the 2018 enke: Trailblazer Program intake in Northern Cape. The community issue that he identified was that creative learners in his school didn’t have a platform to be celebrated. Thus, Bongumenzi channeled his passion for storytelling to start Capture: A Trailblazer Program (CaptureATP) as his Community Action Project (CAP).

CaptureATP is a digital platform that showcases various stories of young people and highlights some important events that are taking place in Bongumenzi’s school and around the community. For his CAP, Bongumenzi brought together a cinematographer, photographer, designer and two writers to work together in collecting and generating the content for CaptureATP.

CaptureATP has grown to be known in the school community as a platform that applauds, recognizes and affirms young people and has become a place where almost every young person can identify with. As a team, they also established awards for their school’s tennis team.

Bongumenzi’s CAP has made some tremendous growth since its inception─including garnering the complete support of the school, where both learners and staff members have played an active supporting role in the spreading of CaptureATP.

The KHS Deputy Principal has identified the exceptional impact that CaptureATP has had, not only on the school, but on the founding individual, “I have not seen a CAP change someone’s life like it did with Bongumenzi”, she noted with wonder. 

CaptureATP has not only received attention from within its school walls, but it has also received external recognition at the 2018 Young Designers SA Top 10 Awards by INscape.

As CaptureATP continues to grow in its reach, including the growth of its team, Bongumenzi has set out to encourage new team members to take part in enke’s Trailblazer Program and attend its forums so that they may be well equipped to run and take over the CAP when he leaves the school.

Bongumenzi also hopes that his CAP will contribute to creating interest and motivation in young people to get into the underrated industry of the digital and media industry.


CaptureATP has created a strong ethos within Krugersdorp High School and has also created solidarity amongst the youth. It has also been integral in allowing individuals to explore and discover their talents, which Bongumenzi hopes they will pursue as careers.

You can follow CaptureATP on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @captureATP

YouTube: Capture: A Trailblazer Program


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