#TrailblazerImpact – Musa Promotes Health Living

Musa Mahlangu Promoting Health in Hammanskraal

Musa has a close connection with children and her desire has always been to ensure that children’s health and wellbeing are prioritized. For her 2017 enke: Trailblazer Community Action Project, she organised and hosted a Health Fun Run, the proceeds from which were donated to an orphanage to ensure the children could have a healthy breakfast

Issues: In identifying the social issue she wanted to tackle, Musa noted the grossly unhealthy lifestyle habits among her peers and across her community and the lack of an inclusive initiative to address this. She also observed that  an orphanage in her community was inadequately resourced and that there are children who cannot afford basic necessities where they live.


Musa’s Project Activities:

  • Secured sponsorship for water bottles for Health Fun Walk participants.
  • Successfully rallied community, local radio station presenters, EMS professionals and peers to a Health Fun Walk.
  • Raised funds through registration fee of 30 participants and re-invested proceeds towards healthy breakfast for 5 orphaned children.
  • Established partnership with local business owner to discount or donate grocery packs for her beneficiaries.


Future: She acknowledges that she is constantly in “smart idea” generation mode insofar as how she can better tend to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable persons in her community. She sees herself starting up other interlinked projects that can either fund or further her intents.

Personal Experiences: From her experience in the enke: Trailblazer Program, Musa has learned to gird herself with readiness and a positive can-do attitude, no matter what the impediment or challenge. She also hopes to be come a social entrepreneur and continue doing good works in her community .

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