Youth Leading Change: Views on #FeesMustFall , 1

Over the last few days, the youth of our country have taken action. They are standing up for what they believe in. Our vision as enke, is to create a global movement of young people who are taking action on the world’s most urgent social issues. #FeesMustFall demonstrates young people mobilizing and working to create the future they want to see.

enke has been moved and inspired and we continue to be as we see moments that are shaping the history of South Africa. enke will be sharing the thoughts of some of our alumni involved in the movement in universities across the country.

“ It’s understandable that as a country we are experiencing a wave of economic instability which has led to universities implementing a high percentage increase of fees. Students are already struggling with NSFAS (financial aid for students) as it #FeesMustFallcannot cover all of the tuition fees, groceries, security on campus, expensive textbooks and transport. Despite this struggle students are still expected to excel academically.

Financial plans and objectives of private sectors that offer bursaries will also be affected. The debt that students incur as they study is only going to increase, leaving students with more debt than life left to live.

The university must cut down on some expenses that do not contribute to the educational services provided. They must cut down on all outsourcing activities and rather employ students who can develop work space skills and thus assist the universities financial position.

We want quality education, infrastructure and learning conducive facilities. Understandably this is expensive to maintain and it becomes a problem for the university. Inflation is a national issue, the fees increment is also a national issue. Students are standing together in solidarity. It’s not a race issue, it’s about class, humanity, exploitation and the debt student put themselves in to get access to an institution of higher learning. As a nation, we must stand together and support the students, as we are the future. #FeesMustFall ”

-Mojaki Mothibi,
University of the Free State


  • In her death bed, my mother’s last words were ” at least you’ll be exposed to better educational benefits when I die”. Her statement was sad but rather true… like most parents who suffer from the post apartied era, she couldn’t afford to pay for my fees. NSFAS said she could afford it, banks said she doesn’t qualify for a loan of such a huge amount. How could a single parent of three possibly afford 80 000 annually?
    All she wanted was to see her children succeed in life and not suffer like they did during the apartied era. A year after she passed on, I was granted an opportunity to study at a university institution. NSFAS approved my application and after years of wanting to further my studies, my dream came true.
    I was a student in one of the top universities in South Africa. It was a bitter sweet moment. However it poses a question about the educational rights of the youth in South Africa.

    Do you really have to be an orphan in order to be granted the privilege to study at a university institution?
    #freeEducationForAll #FeesMustFall

  • Hi Nangamso,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mother and the heartbreaking experience of being granted a great opportunity at such an unthinkable price.
    Thank you for adding your voice and your story to the masses of young people around the country saying enough is enough.

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