Youth Leading Change: Views on #FeesMustFall , 4

Over the last few days, the youth of our country have taken action. They are standing up for what they believe in. Our vision as enke, is to create a global movement of young people who are taking action on the world’s most urgent social issues. #FeesMustFall demonstrates young people mobilizing and working to create the future they want to see.

enke has been moved and inspired and we continue to be as we see moments that are shaping the history of South Africa. enke will be sharing the thoughts of some of our alumni involved in the movement in universities across the country.

“The atmosphere is largely not what the media describes. It is one of peace, unity and pure passion for a cause that deeply affects us all, and the way in which our country is handled. On the ground, protesters march together, sing together, hand out food and water and make posters together. There is no acknowledgement of race.

Until things get rowdy. Unfortunately the frustration is too much to bare for some and they vandalize property or break off from the major group, to perform actions that are frowned upon by the whole group. This where the media has focused. Not on the cooperation and harmony. This is what causes retaliation from the ever-present, riot-ready police.

I was at parliament when the police retaliated. I was affected by what I saw. I can’t say which was more terrifying; hearing those grenades go off- one by one, the sheer mass of people running and screaming or seeing unarmed pedestrians unknowingly walk into the street and feeling traumatized from the shots they heard. Or was I traumatized when I saw some policeman laughing or refusing to help prevent primary school students onto the street.

As horrifying as it as to see, it definitely cemented my belief in the cause. Officials cannot sit idly when people are risking their careers and well-being for their right to education. This is multi-faceted issue that has been brewing for years. The time has come to meet it directly. Aluta continua”

Laeeqa Allie

University of Cape Town


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